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This patch index for jabberd2 has been migrated to the jabberd2 patches page on the jabberd2 wiki. New patches will be uploaded to jabberd2 bugzilla (the preferred bug tracker) and indexed on the wiki where appropriate. JCR and mu-conference patches will continue to be indexed and updated on this page.

Also see jabberd2 bugs on jabberstudio, and list archives of jabberd, jdev and jadmin lists (or see the searchable archives at gmane). Interested in new features in jabberd 2.1 ? See the jabberd2 roadmap.

FreeBSD users installing the jabberd2 port can simply put the patch-* files below into /usr/ports/net/jabberd/files/ before running make.

Patches marked * below (in green) have been committed to the jabberd2 v2_0 CVS branch. To check out this branch from CVS, use:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous:@cvs.jabberstudio.org:/home/cvs co -r v2_0 jabberd2

or you can download a CVS snapshot.









See jabberd2 packages on the j2 wiki.


New features and extensions

# Patch Purpose Bugs Submitter Comments
19 patch-ldap-referral Perform LDAP rebind if given a referral by Active Directory LDAP server 4279 Juan F Arjona Needs recent OpenLDAP version. See bugzilla#8
20 SQLite storage SQLite storage driver FR
Chris Parker  
83 SQLite 3 storage SQLite storage driver updated for SQLite 3 FR
Christof Meerwald  
21 j2-oracle.tar.gz Oracle storage driver (for Oracle 8i or 9i Linux client) FR
Nathan Christiansen No longer being maintained by Nathan - post to the jabberd list for any followup or support queries
22 CVM auth module Adds CVM authentication type FR
Thilo Bangert See feature request for details.
23 IMAP auth module Adds IMAP authentication type (authreg_imap.c)   Chris Parker  
24 LDAP vcard storage driver and alternate LDAP authentication driver Allows vcard information to be retrieved from LDAP rather than db   Nikita Smirnov See description from jabberd list. From a set of patches for 2.0s2, but ldap_vcardfull should work with 2.0s3.
26 mod_offline.c.patch Allows offline storage (queuing) of subscription requests and/or messages to be disabled   Cedric Vivier To enable, add one or both of <dropmessages/> or <dropsubscriptions/> inside <offline> in sm.xml, e.g.:
64 md5patch.txt Allows for storage of an md5 hash of the password in the database when using SASL and MD5 authentication, so that passwords are not stored in plaintext (alters scod/mech_digest_md5.c)   Ryan Lowe * Must store passwords as md5("username:realm:password") in order to work
* Must change the router-users.xml file to include the md5 value of the password
if using default password "secret" store "3d1f0308fc90f489ed50e7234f1474ab" instead
* Will only work when using SASL and MD5 Authentication.
73 epoll-patch experimental epoll support   Christof Meerwald  
82 patch-flash-v2 Patches c2s to allow connections from Flash clients which don't use proper XMPP FR 2788 Marcel Bootsma Add "#define CP_2005_FLASH_PATCH 1" to config.h before building to enable. See comments in c2s/c2s.c. Warning: may cause problems with SSL connections.
89 mod_amp.patch
Advanced Message Processing (JEP-0079) implementation   Cedric Vivier See patch README for config info
90 patch-sm-offline-quota Allows limiting the number of offline messages stored per user (only with mysql storage so far).   Stephen Marquard To enable, add to sm.xml (for a quota of 500):
Builds on patch#26 so also allows dropping offline messages and subscriptions entirely.


JCR 0.2.4

# Patch Purpose Bugs Submitter Comments
jcr-1 jcr-0.2.4-log-patch Adds timestamps to JCR log files when logging to file, and reopens log files on SIGHUP to allow log rotation (e.g. using logrotate) N/A Stephen Marquard Tested with mu-conference 0.6.0 on FreeBSD 4.8
jcr-2 patch-jcr024-mforssen Fixes mu-conference+JCR crash if passed a bad message, and some unrelated memory/pointer fixes.   Martin Forssen  
jcr-3 patch-jcr024-memleak Fixes memory leak in jcr 0.2.4 (see list post)   Martin Forssen  
jcr-4   JCR is bundled with an old version of expat, which has known issues. See list post for details on removing the bundled version to link with a current version of expat.   Matthias Wimmer  



* (green): patches are in mu-conference cvs.

# Patch Purpose Bugs Submitter Comments
muc-1 * patch-locknicks-v2 Allow "locking" nicknames to the user's JID nodename (username), globally or on a per-room basis. To lock nicknames globally, add <locknicks/> to the <conference> section of the muc-jcr.xml file. To lock nicknames in individual rooms, use the room configuration form. FR 1629
Stephen Marquard Tested with mu-conference 0.6.0 + jcr 0.24 on FreeBSD 4.8. Updated 20 Jan 05 with fix from Brian Nelson.
muc-2 * patch-muc-ibooij Fix arguments passed to log functions (see list post)   Ilja Booij  
muc-3 patch-muc-confroom Fix segfault when configuration form is requested without having joined the room in question 3169 Magnus Henoch List post


Last updated 29 May 2005
Stephen Marquard
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